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Cairo based Musician

​Indie rock | Indie folk | Classical

Moataz El-Gohary

#Latest news | On the very same day, a year ago. It was the beginning, the birth of Temptresssun.

A year to remember (turned into gold) #littleblackbook #newrelease #outnow

Mon Aug 01, 2022

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#Earlier | Top geographies (by views) to date for Temptresssun channel on Youtube.

Mon July 18, 2022

| Sky Glows (Forever Young) #littleblackbook #newrelease #outnow

Thu July 07, 2022

| Power Of Elimination (The Last Goodbye) #littleblackbook #newrelease #outnow

Fri July 01, 2022

| Temptresssun ranked #25 globally on Reverbnation Indie music chart. Click here to learn more.

Sat Jun 25, 2022

| Mechanical Dream from latest EP "2011" by Temptresssun is #outnow

You can listen to the new release by visiting any of the links provided below or simply by clicking here to listen directly on Youtube.

Wed Jun 01, 2022

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A Sacred Old Tree (before the beginning)

Such Beautiful Scenery

2011 (Singles)

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