"Sky Glows" New release from #LittleBlackBook by Temptressssun. Click on image to learn more.

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TEMPTRESSSUN AKA Moataz El-Gohary is self taught musician based in Cairo, Egypt. Temptresssun was born on August 1, 2021 with the debut release "Roots (The Beginning)" which is part of the EP "Such Beautiful Scenery" consisting of 3 more tracks including "Endless Talks (Debate)" which he considers a flagship receiving more than 250K views since it's release in Nov '2021. The other tracks are titled "Uprising"&"Lullaby". Some of his releases are "Such Beautiful Scenery"(2021). "A Sacred Old Tree (Before The Beginning) (2022). It's a whole new and different direction than the usual for Temptresssun and was a big challenge for me. It marks a very important stage and change, personally and musically says Moataz El-Gohary. Temptresssun has more than 2.41K YouTube subscribers and more than 495K total channel views since the launch of the project in August, 2021 | Visit Temptresssun.com to learn more | Updated May '2023.

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Temptresssun is going live!

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